Rethinking the Enterprise
IT Lifecycle

Relltek is a global leader in IT device lifecycle management and consultancy dedicated to helping enterprise businesses, IT services providers and consulting firms accelerate digital transformation and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while enhancing their sustainability credentials.

Outcome focused

We take a different approach to managing the IT lifecycle to deliver a unique set of outcomes for our clients

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Remove financial and operational roadblocks which hold back digital transformation efforts by leveraging residual value and creating unique financial and operational solutions to overcome specific challenges.

IT Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

From end-to-end Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings to filling specific gaps in your IT lifecycle such as procurement or IT asset disposal, Relltek's flexible and customizable solutions adapt to your unique business requirements.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers, reduce costs and extract residual value from redundant IT assets, ensuring IT budget optimisation and maximising the return on investment.

Enhance Sustainability and Compliance

Helping deliver responsible IT management with our focus on sustainability and compliance. We help you achieve more sustainable IT practices while ensuring end-of-life security and regulatory adherence.

Simplify Global IT Asset Logistics

Our global offices and supply chain network enable efficient service delivery across major regions, cutting shipping costs, removing tax and import issues, and streamlining partner management for improved service and reduced overheads.

A consultative technical sophisticated  tailored approach

Our core services are designed to optimise your IT asset management, support digital transformation, and drive sustainable growth.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Our Enterprise Infrastructure services cover a wide range of solutions, aiming to empower businesses to optimise their IT infrastructure, reduce their carbon footprint, and accelerate digital transformation effectively and sustainably.

Server CO² & energy profiling

We empower our clients to fully understand their carbon footprint, refine hardware and cloud migration strategies for optimal CO² and cost savings, helping them reach their sustainability goals while maximising their return on investment.

Data centre decommissioning services

We offer secure data centre IT hardware decommissioning services, encompassing processing, data erasure, regional consolidation, and resale options, allowing the recapture of residual value to be reinvested in cloud migration or other IT initiatives.

IT transformation acceleration services

We assist organisations in overcoming financial and operational obstacles to IT transformation. Our specialists provide IT asset valuation and reinvestment strategies, purchase and leaseback options, and Capex/Opex conversion services to unlock capital, optimise IT investments, and expedite the digital transformation journey.

Data centre services

We offer extensive data centre services, enabling clients to concentrate on their digital transformation while we manage maintenance renewals, purchasing or leasing of additional hardware, software licensing, redundant asset processing and data erasure, device installation and relocation, and resourcing.

End-user Computing

Our End-user Computing streamlines the entire IT lifecycle, offering comprehensive Device-as-a-Service, global procurement, deployment and ITAM support, along with secure end-of-life asset processing and resale options for optimised value and flexibility.


Comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle management for EUC devices, including global procurement, deployment, ITAM, and end-of-life asset processing and resale.

Global procurement services: hardware & software

Our global supply chain network ensures access to all leading vendors at preferential pricing in any region. Our online store and Enterprise Procurement Portal streamlines the purchasing process.

Deployment and ITAM Support

We deliver global deployment and ITAM support services for effective management of client IT assets. Our secure remote and hybrid end-user deployment solutions facilitate flexible work arrangements while adhering to all regulatory requirements for shipping and importation.

End-of asset life services: legacy IT asset processing & resale

We manage our clients end-of-life IT assets offering secure data erasure and processing, as well as resale options for cashback or project cost offset purposes.
















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