Rethinking the approach

Relltek takes a holistic approach to the IT asset lifecycle.

By managing the lifecycle from end-to-end, we solve complex operational challenges, unlock the value in legacy assets, refresh the new, reduce carbon emissions and minimise e-waste.​

The problem

A tidal wave of new tech is creating a corresponding surge in e-waste.


Connected Devices in 2021


Tonnes of e-waste in 2021

A traditional IT Asset Lifecycle

Most IT assets are discarded prematurely before the end of their full life cycle, thus not recognising their full potential.

Asset procurement

Assets procured and typically used for 3-5 years

1st life IT asset use

Day to day use of IT devices in their 1st life

End of life

IT assets are prematurely disposed of

The Solution

We support the circular economy and minimise e-waste by giving IT assets a second life.

The Relltek IT Asset Lifecycle

We give IT assets a second lease of life as well as reducing carbon footprint by breathing new life into end-of-life IT assets.

Asset procurement & 1st life

IT assets used day to day for 3-5 years

Relltek IT asset processing

We securely process, refurbish and remarket assets

IT assets get a second lease of life

Reduction of carbon emissions, and significant value return

Cost Reduction

From desktops to data centres, the value of your end of service-life IT equipment is worth more than you think. The market for equipment that has been safely processed and refurbished to the highest standards is vast.​

​By specialising in direct market sales as well as leveraging the close relationships we’ve built over time with specialist channel partners, we get excellent value for equipment we resell. We pass this value back to clients by adding it to a central pot along with:​​

  • Government grants for sustainability​
  • Reduced licensing fees​
  • Significantly reduced maintenance contracts compared to OEM​

​This central pot can be used to reinvest and offset the cost of future IT projects such as:​

  • ​Cloud migration projects​
  • Maintenance contracts​
  • New or refurbished replacement hardware​
  • Software and third party costs​
  • Specialist IT professional resources ​
  • Other digital transformation efforts
Procurement Services
Maintenance & Support
IT Project Offset
Device Leasing
Grant Funding Initiatives
Nature-based Carbon Removal
Landfill Diversion
IT Asset Second Life
Reduced Asset Handoffs
Sustainable Logistics


With each passing year, governments around the world make increasingly bold commitments to remove carbon from supply chains.​

​Businesses are starting to realise that sending old IT equipment off to be dumped or even recycled creates tons of carbon in the transportation and industrial recycling process.​

This is not only harmful to the environment, but these dated processes create little to no value for businesses.

When we talk about sustainability we take a holistic view, which means we:​

  • Destroy data using software instead of shredding drives​
  • Repurpose first, recycle second ​
  • Are a global leader in repurposing IT assets​
  • Process equipment on-site wherever possible to reduce the number of miles it has to travel (Scope 3 emissions)​
  • Apply for government grants for e-waste reduction​
  • Donate devices to people and charities in need

Data Protection and Compliance

There is a disparity in the way businesses approach data protection. A strong focus is placed on systems in operation. Once they are decommissioned, data protection becomes an afterthought. ​

However, the loss or theft of data bearing assets can cause severe financial, legal and reputational damage to your business. ​

We ensure our clients stay on the right side of data protection and compliance by managing decommissioned assets every step of the way from collection to secure data erasure to refurbishing and reselling in compliance with GDPR regulations.​

​Collections are completed by security cleared staff and all assets are transported directly to one of our secure facilities using GPS tracked vehicles. All data is securely erased and certified and all IT assets are processed in accordance with the following standards/regulations:​

  • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) Approved Erasure :
    • ​HMG Infosec Standard 5, Higher and Lower​
    • DoD 5220.22-M​
    • NIST 800–88​
  • ISO27001 and ISO9001 (Security and Quality)​
Secure Data Erasure
Refurbish & Remarket
Secure Offsite Storage
3rd Party Asset Handling