Responsibility and Sustainability

The belief we have in people is not just about capitalising on their strengths to succeed in a company, it stretches far beyond that into supporting those who can’t always support themselves.


We use the power of technology to empower people and to protect the planet. Our mission is to help everyone achieve more.
Whilst we have to generate financial returns, we also hold ourselves accountable to societal expectations.

Responsibility and

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to running an environmentally responsible business. We make a point of only partnering with businesses that hold themselves as accountable as we do toward a sustainable future.

We recycle, reuse and remarket IT assets, and in doing so, limit the ecological footprint of our business wherever possible.


Young Enterprise

Relltek is pleased to support Young Enterprise, a national charity that believes the potential of the UK’s young people is unlimited, that an academic education on its own is not enough. They motivate young people to succeed in the changing world of work by equipping them with the work skills, knowledge, and confidence they need.

Working directly with young people, teachers, parents, businesses, and influencers they help build a successful and sustainable future for all young people and society at large.