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Whether you’re looking to buy hardware for a new data centre, upgrade end-user devices or review your maintenance contracts, we can help.

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Slow, faulty devices can cause endless frustration for your employees and unnecessary downtime for the business. We can solve this challenge for you by sourcing new or refurbished equipment that has the right specs at the right price with the best warranties and after-sales support.

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How Relltek can help

How our hardware services improve performance across your business.

End-User Computing

Our extensive knowledge of end-user devices coupled with the strong relationships we’ve built with vendors means that we can advise on the kit your business needs to operate efficiently and can source it at competitive prices.
We can also handle the imaging of all your devices at our secure storage facility and execute phased device rollouts as and when they are needed to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Our flexible imaging services mean we can either use custom images provided or source standard images directly from manufacturers depending on your specific needs.
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As a value-added reseller, we are fully qualified to guide you through every step of the process when it comes to sourcing and installing enterprise networking, server and storage solutions.
We conduct an in-depth review of your current enterprise hardware setup and overarching business objectives. We then recommend the best possible equipment to keep the business running as efficiently and securely as possible whether you’re looking for an on-premise, cloud-hosted or hybrid solution.


Every business has servers and IT equipment that are considered mission-critical to core business functions. These require stringent maintenance agreements and 24/7 support packages to ensure minimum downtime and disruption should anything go offline.
However, many of our clients overlook the fine print in their maintenance agreements and end up paying a premium for equipment that isn’t mission critical. By analysing your maintenance contracts, we not only find these inefficiencies but also look for instances where you could be paying less for the same level of support, which can result in a saving of 70%+.


Whether you’re refreshing an entire data centre or upgrading end-user devices, we can help guide you through every step of the pre-sales process to make sure the kit you buy is fit for purpose and comes with the right warrantees and after-sales support. We are 100% vendor agnostic so you can rest assured that we will only ever recommend hardware that gives the best possible performance and aligns with your business and IT objectives

Refurbished Hardware

Hardware doesn’t have to be bought brand new to get the job done. We’ve helped our clients drastically reduce costs by selling refurbished hardware from top vendors that matches the specs of the equipment they are after and comes standard with a free 3 year hardware replacement warranty. This means you are fully covered against any hardware failures once you’ve bought from us, have access to our support team and can reduce costs on your next hardware upgrade.

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