Secure, approved IT Collection & Data Disposal

Remove Your Old Tech

There comes a time in every company when old equipment needs to go. Are you trying to decide if your worn-out IT Assets should be recycled, resold, or refurbished? Have you balanced the financial aspects of the disposal process? Do you have a strategy in place to take inventory, track and document the destruction of data and assets? Let us remove the hassle of managing time and costs while ensuring sensitive information is deleted properly.

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What RELLTEK can do for your business

Secure IT Asset Disposal (SITAD)
Secure Data Destruction

The benefits to your organisation

Have peace of mind with our chain-of-custody audit trail

Own a proof of destruction certificate for compliance regulations

Potential to earn money back through our profit-sharing scheme

Save time with a fast pick-up when booking (Usually within 24 hours)

IT Equipment we recycle securely

  • HMG Infosec Standard 5 Higher and Lower
  • DoD 5220.22 M ECE
  • National Cyber Security Centre
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • WEEE certified - We guarantee all disposed of assets will be recycled donated or refurbished without going to landfill
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