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Is procuring new IT assets for your business proving tedious and expensive?

Procuring new IT equipment can quickly become an overcomplicated process. Delays, hidden fees, logistical issues, changing prices, software licensing challenges and bad communication from multiple suppliers cost CIOs and IT Directors time and money. Rather than taking all that on, you can rely on our industry knowledge to ensure your end-to-end procurement journey will be efficient, simple and cost effective.

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How RELLTEK can help your business

IT Procurement

We handle supplier management, storage, fulfilment, shipping and entry clearance, hazardous goods handling, distribution, taxes and even waste disposal. One supplier, one quote.

New Tech Assessment

We look at your IT roadmap, conduct a complete review of your technology requirements and work collaboratively to deliver a solution that meets your current and future needs.

Cost Assessment

We assist you to save costs wherever possible, providing a full quote based on your needs and timeframe.

Desktop Imaging and Rollout

We work to your timeline so there is minimal disruption to your employees. We have the flexibility to use custom images provided or source standard images directly from manufacturers.

The benefits to your organisation

Eliminate management struggles

You’ll only deal with one supplier (us) to handle all purchasing, fulfilment and logistics challenges.

Consultative approach

We guide you through the procurement process and ensure you get products and solutions that meet broader business objectives.

Trust and transparency

All costs (hardware, taxes, unpacking, delivery, imaging and fulfilment) are included upfront and everything can be put on credit.

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