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Find out how our IT Services help free up time and resource for our clients so they can focus on activity that adds value to the business.

One partner to solve multiple IT challenges

By outsourcing your IT Services to Relltek, you can consolidate suppliers, connect disparate systems and manage your IT infrastructure through one partner. Read on to find out how we can help greatly reduce the cost and complexity of IT management.

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How Relltek can help

Find out how the IT services we provide can improve your business.

Contract and supplier consolidation

The complexity of enterprise IT supply chains has grown significantly over the past two decades. On the plus side, it’s enabled collaboration between partners, distributors and suppliers. However, the downside is that without careful management, costs can quickly escalate, SLAs can be missed and inefficiencies can creep in.
Our contract and supplier consolidation service removes the headache of managing multiple partners, distributors and suppliers within your IT supply chain. We review your over-arching business and IT objectives, read the fine print on your existing IT contracts and look for opportunities to increase efficiency, save costs and create a lean, responsive IT supply chain. We make life easy for our clients by acting as a single point of contact, thus greatly reducing the complexity of IT supply chain management.

Network and security

The volume of mission-critical data businesses need to store, access and share increases exponentially year-on-year. Unless your network is purpose-built to handle the coming flood of data, your staff’s ability to work efficiently, remotely and securely could be negatively impacted.
Relltek’s team of networking and security experts provide an end-to-end service that covers the initial assessment, design, deployment and management of your network infrastructure. We fully analyse your business needs and then get to work designing and implementing a bespoke network and/or security service that works for your current operation and can scale with your business.


The fragmentation of modern networks combined with a dramatic increase in remote working and dependence on cloud services have left many businesses networks groaning under the strain. Our connectivity service offering was created to address this issue by fulfilling three key objectives: simplifying the management of network resources, increasing network speed and efficiency, and reducing costs.
Our Connectivity service covers SDWAN, WAN, 4G mobile and public cloud connectivity. Choose from Business Internet plans with speeds that range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Unified comms

The irony most modern businesses face is that while it’s never been easier to communicate with colleagues and customers, the sheer number of tools available to do so often gets in the way of communicating and collaborating effectively. That’s where a robust Unified Communication (UC) solution comes into play.
Depending on your specific business needs, Relltek can deploy a UC platform that gathers everything your employees need to communicate and collaborate in one streamlined interface that minimises complexity and boosts productivity.

Managed Services

The IT services associated with the day-to-day running of a business can quickly eat into time, budget and valuable internal resources. We can take that headache away. Our managed services offering is designed to handle the heavy lifting of day-to-day IT service management and in doing so, free up your best and brightest to work on projects that move the business forward.
Specifically, our managed service offering covers:

  • IT Infrastructure management
  • Network management
  • End user IT support
  • Tenancy and licensing
  • Outsourced service desk
  • ITSM function support
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