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The rise of the Circular Economy has businesses thinking in an entirely new way about their IT assets. ​

Our IT Lifecycle Services offering takes the heavy lifting of procurement, deployment, maintenance, removal and remarketing off your hands.​

Lower your carbon footprint, reduce e-waste and reinvest the value of old assets into everything from cloud migration projects to new end user devices.​

Recover Collect Manage Deploy Procure Reinvest Refresh Resolve Rethink Reduce

Supporting every phase of the IT Lifecycle

Much of the focus in the IT market is on new equipment or cloud services. Legacy assets (both data centre infrastructure and end-user devices) are often treated as an afterthought, separate from procurement projects.​

​Relltek thinks differently, we believe that the most sustainable and cost-effective IT strategy is to consider both the legacy and the new together when formulating solutions.


IT Procurement Services

Procuring new IT equipment can quickly become an overcomplicated process. Software licensing challenges, changing prices, delays, hidden fees, logistical issues and bad communication from multiple suppliers cost CIOs and IT Directors time and money.

We simplify the procurement process by handling:

  • Supplier management
  • Storage
  • Fulfilment
  • Shipping and entry clearance
  • Hazardous goods handling
  • Distribution
  • International Taxes


Deployment, Logistics and Maintenance

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to delivering, installing, imaging and maintaining enterprise networking, server and storage solutions and end-user devices.

We look to create as many efficiencies in this process as possible by:

  • Minimising the distance your tech has to travel
  • Handling all your imaging at our secure storage facility
  • Executing phased device rollouts to ensure minimal disruption to your business
  • Analysing your maintenance contracts


Optimise Hardware and Software

Enterprise businesses lose a staggering amount of money each year to poorly managed hardware and software. We return value to clients by analysing and optimising their hardware usage, making sure their software stack is fit for purpose and correctly licensed, and providing support services at competitive rates.

We take care of hardware and software management by:

  • Offering pre-sales consultancy and after-sales support
  • Reviewing hardware maintenance contracts and warranties
  • Monitoring device usage with a view to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Identifying over and under-provisioning
  • Reducing service desk tickets
  • Reviewing software licensing


Secure Collection and Data Erasure

We collect from anywhere in the world, using secure transportation, GPS tracked vehicles and security cleared teams.

Once your IT assets are in our facility, you can be confident that all data is completely inaccessible to outside sources and is secure.

All IT assets are processed in accordance with the following standards/regulations:

  • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) Approved Erasure :

    • HMG Infosec Standard 5, Higher and Lower
    • DoD 5220.22-M
    • NIST 800–88

  • ISO27001 and ISO9001 (Security and Quality)


Refurbish, Remarket, Buyback and Offset

Depending on usage, most IT assets have a second and sometimes even a third life left in them after they're decommissioned.

We securely remove data from legacy devices and refurbish them to create value streams for legacy tech. By selling direct to market and leveraging the close relationships we’ve built with specialist channel partners, we get excellent value for equipment we resell.

Value is generated for old IT equipment through:

Divestment – we inject cash into a business by buying data centre assets and leasing them back as the business migrates to the cloud

Offset – we resell legacy assets and return that value to clients by offsetting it against future projects that fall under our service offering

Buyback – we resell legacy assets to your staff and take care of everything from equipment valuation to processing, sale and delivery

Supporting services

Specialist Professional Resourcing

​As an IT Services provider working with a vast network of suppliers, we understand the importance of aligning the right people with the right skills to the right projects to ensure delivery happens within budget, and on time. ​

Our network of IT professionals across Europe and North America has grown exponentially, as has the demand for talent from our clients. ​

Thus, our Professional Services Division was created – a specialist division within the business that delivers high quality project teams or individual technical professionals into permanent and/or contractor positions.​

Project Consultancy and Management

By outsourcing your IT project consultancy and management to Relltek, you can consolidate suppliers, connect disparate systems and manage IT projects through one partner. ​

We help greatly reduce the cost and complexity of IT management by removing the headache of managing multiple partners, distributors and suppliers within your IT supply chain. ​

We review your over-arching business and IT objectives, read the fine print on your existing IT contracts and look for opportunities to increase efficiency, save costs and create a lean, responsive IT supply chain.​

Sustainability Profiling

Daunting as the thought may be, as an IT leader, sooner or later you’re going to have to identify specific areas in which your existing IT deployment is causing the most emissions and find ways to reduce them, fast. ​

Relltek has an industry leading offering which provides enhanced visibility of organisations IT footprint emissions and shows the true impact your existing IT footprint and deployment is having on the environment.​

​From there we work collaboratively with clients to provide and implement solutions for tangible CO2 emissions savings and cost reduction.​

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