We take the pain of IT asset disposal away

The working world is forever changed. Organisations are embracing a hybrid working model – good news for reducing commuting time and office space.

Bad news for IT and facilities who are left to sort through offices and data centres packed full of IT equipment and furniture that’s no longer needed.

If this sounds familiar, we can help.

We manage large-scale IT asset disposal, data destruction and office clearances for hundreds of global, enterprise organisations. We handle the entire process end-to-end, leaving you to bask in the afterglow of a job well done.


One supplier. All your problems solved

Our secure IT asset disposal service exists to help businesses that are under time pressure or are light on resource or expertise when it comes to managing large-scale IT asset removals.

 It’s far quicker and more cost-effective to let a specialist supplier like Relltek manage the entire project from end to end.

IT Removal Specialists

Secure IT asset disposal is our life. We handle everything from device audits and inventories to removing, refurbishing, reselling or donating IT equipment that’s no longer needed.

One stop shop

Large-scale IT removals and office clearances can quickly become a tangled mess of suppliers and internal stakeholders. We act as a single point of contact, taking supplier and stakeholder management off your hands.

Large business solutions

We have the experience, infrastructure and partnerships in place to help large and enterprise-sized organisations with complex, large-scale IT asset removals and office clearances.

Secure data destruction

We destroy data by either overwriting/erasing in accordance with national and international standards or by physically destroying devices to ensure data cannot ever be retrieved.


The IT asset removal challenge…

...is that the deeper you get into execution, the more complex removal projects become.

Our clients end up with a checklist that’s typically broken down as follows:


  • Full inventory/audit
  • Determine owned vs leased equipment
  • Determine IT asset resale value
  • Find buyers if reselling assets is an option
  • Pack everything up
  • Decide what to do with furniture
  • Arrange collection/return


  • Onboard supplier for collection and data destruction
  • Ensure a full site survey takes place
  • Determine when to collect which assets
  • Arrange for old assets to either be recycled, resold or donated to charity


  • Any equipment disposed must follow (WEEE) guidelines
  • A full chain of custody audit trail must be provided for IT assets
  • Detailed proof of destruction certificates must be issued
  • Ensure devices are recycled in accordance with R2 and international standards

That's a lot to think about... 

...which is why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation call to help you get your head around what needs doing and how to do it.

OR we could handle the entire process for you

Office clearances might not happen every day for your business, but they do for ours!


Call us. We will help you project plan, avoid common pitfalls and set realistic expectations. No strings. Just good honest advice.


We’ll take things a step further and carry out a free equipment audit for your business to itemise what you have and determine where it needs to go


We show up on the big day, package up everything that needs to be removed and load it into GPS-tracked vehicles.


We audit, verify, test, refurbish, repair/recover and store equipment in our 100% offline secure vault


We erase all data from working devices and shred devices that contain sensitive data but cannot be accessed.


Keep scrolling for an overview of what we can do with your old IT equipment

You decide how you’d like value returned from old equipment

Our clients often get pulled in every direction by multiple stakeholders in the business who have different views of what should be done with old equipment.

We can not only manage all those conversations but can also help with any combination of the options below


Once we have conducted an equipment audit, we estimate its resale value and offset that amount against our quote for the IT asset removal project or any future projects with us.


If your employees want to buy old equipment back, we offer an end-to-end service that covers equipment valuation, processing, sale and delivery. We can even spin up a custom eCommerce store in your branding with custom discount codes for staff.

Full Asset Refresh

Many clients start out using us to remove and process their old IT equipment and go on to reinvest the money we return into procuring new equipment through us.

Charitable donation

We will gladly refurbish and donate your old IT assets and furniture to a charity of your choosing or one of our charity partners.


Should you wish, we can manage the processing of your old equipment through suppliers that offset carbon emissions by planting trees for every device they recycle.

Our FREE consultation service ensures that you are armed with the facts before your office clearance begins.


Partnering with us is easy

Three simple steps to conquer IT asset removal complexity.


If you’re losing sleep over an impending office relocation, call us. If nothing else, we can give you a free consultation to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.


If you like what you hear and want to engage our services, we’ll do a full device audit and offset the resale value of your old equipment against our quote.


We collect your old equipment, destroy any data on it and either recycle, refurbish and resell or donate it to charity.


Don't just take our word for it

"Relltek’s secure IT asset disposal process is incredibly straightforward. The team don’t overcomplicate things, they keep communication clear and have proven to be incredibly adaptable to our specific needs."

- Imran Afzel, IT Services Manager EMEA (SABA Lumesse)

"Relltek managed a multi-site data centre closure and multiple office clearances (including our head office) quickly and effectively. They've proven to be a trusted partner of BDO and consistently exceed all expectations."

- Nick Cleary, Senior IT Operations Manager (BDO)

"We approached Relltek initially to help us with a PC upgrade. However, by bundling secure IT asset disposal, imaging, storage and project management into the hardware refresh, they generated significant savings for the business"

- Peter Wakeling, IT Manager (Passage 2000)