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Find out how our Product Advisory, Licensing and Software Asset Management services can change your business for the better.

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Your software tools, apps and platforms are critical to your business. Our Software Services can help you increase efficiency by reducing costs on software licensing, optimising your software stack or onboarding new tools and apps.

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How our software services can reduce complexity and generate value.

Product Advisory

As a value-added reseller, we aren’t limited to a fixed set of solutions or vendors when it comes to product advisory. Instead, we assess our client’s needs on a case-by-case basis and build custom solutions that satisfy their requirements and come bundled with value-added services such as training, extended warrantees and after-sales support.
This is all made possible thanks to the combination of our extensive knowledge of IT products and services and our vast network of suppliers with whom we are able to negotiate deals that ensure our clients pay lower than the market price for best-in-class products.


Software licensing, though seemingly straightforward, can quickly become a minefield of multiple vendors, products and hybrid vs cloud solutions. One of the quickest ways we return value to clients is by reviewing their software licensing and finding ways to both optimise the software licenses they already own and assist with future licensing requirements.
We work collaboratively with clients to understand the business objectives and future roadmap to ensure our clients get industry-leading solutions at the best possible prices whether they’re on-premise, hosted in the cloud, perpetual or subscription-based.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

On average, software represents a third of most organisations’ IT budgets, and yet all too often, software stack optimisation is poorly managed or overlooked entirely. We can help you regain control of your software estate by handling every aspect of your organisation’s SAM from purchasing, deploying, managing and optimizing to retiring software assets and resources.

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